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SRG adopted Nortel Contact Center Release 6.0 which is a fully integrated suite of contact center solutions, offering a full range of functionality covering inbound and outbound voice, multimedia (e-mail, text chat, video) and computer-telephony integration (CTI). Contact Center 6.0 also offers a multimedia-ready agent desktop along with all the supervisor tools to manage the multimedia contact center. Nortel Contact Center 6.0 is a single suite contact center solution aligning previously separate Symposium-branded applications into a single streamlined offering.


Contact Center 6.0 will increase contact center efficiency and provide a more effective customer experience regardless of the shape, size or orientation of customer’s contact center.Contact Center 6.0 is less costly to implement and easier to manage than non-integrated solutions from a myriad of vendors. With exciting new features like the Outbound Campaign Manager, we are able to enhance our customer experiences while providing more revenue-generating services.

A range of innovative product enhancements will simplify management and increase the effectiveness of the contact center, while numerous security enhancements will better protect our business.

Contact Center 6.0 offers a TDM, IP or SIP-based platform for inbound/ outbound voice, e-mail, text chat, fax and Web collaboration with integrated CTI for an “all-in-one” solution. The Contact Center 6.0 Suite consists of a host of integrated applications providing solutions for the very basic to the most complex contact center.

Highlight of Contact Center Release 6.0

Open multimedia queue allowing skills-based routing, reporting and management of multiple contact channels (inbound/outbound voice, e-mail, text chat, fax, Web, video).
Integrated Outbound for a fully blended contact center, using the new Outbound Campaign Manager to create, modify and monitor outbound campaigns with the same real-time displays and historical reporting management tools used for inbound calls.
Contact Center Agent Desktop provides a single agent interface for the management of all contacts regardless of media type - everything the agent needs for inbound, outbound and multimedia contacts.
Report Creation Wizard allows you to generate custom reports without the use of third-party report writers.
Supervisor enhancements such as new real-time display and historical reporting options to fully operate and manage the Contact Center 6.0 suite of solutions.
Next-generation SIP contact center supporting new and emerging media such as video, enhancing the customer experience while giving agents unprecedented collaboration abilities with supporting staff.
Corporate license management reduces the cost of ownership by centralizing control of software licensing for all elements on a node and all nodes in a network - allows license flexibility for resiliency and disaster recovery configurations
Increased resiliency options with automatic or manual fail-over providing a High Availability solution for the Contact Center portfolio applications, reducing contact center unplanned downtime and facilitating disaster recovery strategies.
Universal networking provides network skill-based routing, reporting and management of multiple contact channels across a variety of Nortel switch platforms (Communication Server 1000, 2000 and 2100), creating a virtual contact center with unprecedented flexibility.
Integrated multimedia blends inbound/ outbound voice, e-mail, Web chat, SMS and fax into one routing and reporting engine while providing a task-oriented, context-sensitive agent user interface - seamless integration that is much cheaper to deploy and support than a myriad of point applications from other vendors.
Reduced system integration costs with Communication Control Toolkit 6.0, a simple-to-use converged middleware and integration toolkit based on standard development components (.NET classes and Win Form Controls), allowing quick and inexpensive development of desktop applications, server applications, screen pops, CRM connectors and more.

Why Nortel Contact Center Solutions?

Nortel contact center solutions are ideal for dynamic multimedia (phone, Web collaboration, email, chat, fax, etc.) contact centers of any size that require extensive adaptability and intelligent handling of customer interactions and comprehensive integrated real-time and historical management tools. These solutions work in a pure circuit-switched, pure IP or a mixed environment, giving companies maximum flexibility.Nortel contact center solutions support more than 4.0 million agent positions worldwide handling over 68 million calls per day.

Nortel have implemented more than 40,000 contact centers in over 100 countries - over 12,000 using skill-based routing Nortel has implemented more than 8,000 self-service systems, with over 700,000 ports deployed worldwide. Nortel are a leader in advanced speech self service with more than 160 applications in use globally. In conjunction with the CS 1000 product lines, Nortel deliver a complete TDM, hybrid or VoIP ACD solution.
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Whats New:

  Our newest contact centre site is much larger & located in the heart of the golden triangle.  
  We are currently exploring newer industries while expanding our existing ones. Come join the SRG AP family!

Testimonials :

  “For the past several years, we have been working with SRG AP on different projects from Inbound Technical Support and Customer Service to Outbound Telemarketing and Customer Loyalty programs and everything in between.  Because of their professionalism, commitment and performance we continue to award SRG AP with additional projects and increased call volume.  One thing that stands out as strengths for SRG AP is their ability to adapt quickly, be flexible and focus on the business.  We look forward to many more years of doing business together with SRG AP.”


"Volvo Cars Malaysia sought and found in SRG AP, a business partner who would give our customers the best in service consistent with our market positioning of a premier vehicle manufacturer. SRG AP have met and exceeded our requirements over the years in surveying the satisfaction levels of our clients working seamlessly with us in an exceptionally professional and tactful relationship. Now, we just leave it to them."

-Volvo Cars Malaysia

“Astro has enjoyed positive experience on projects with SRG AP. SRG AP has met all its key deliverables within timelines and has shown commitment to exceed expectation. The company has exemplified leading edge technology and an excellent work culture which will continue to put them ahead of their competitors.”


Scholastic and SRG AP have worked over the past 3.5 years in developing a true partnership, which sees our every need attended to. Over the years, SRG AP has been sure to achieve the desired results for our demanding and unique selling proposition to our customers. Working with them has been insightful and they ensure all avenues are explored to assure us of the best possible levels of service. Highly recommended."

--Scholastic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd--

"SRG AP has played a supporting role to Astro over the years. They have often complemented us in our customer service offerings. Definitely an invaluable partnership."


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